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Rich The Duke Ward

"What is the point in having the best guitars and amps that money can buy, if you're just gonna plug into them with a cable that you got a deal on at the music store. I just had Farmery Custom Cables re-cable my entire setup, and I swear it's like playing through a different rig. You wouldn't put cheap gas into a Ferrari, so don't expect your rig to run at it's potential, if you're not willing to make sure it's cabled up with the best. I rule, it's about time you did as well!!!"

Rich "The Duke" Ward / Fozzy / Stuck Mojo /
Adrenaline Mob

Aaron Darling

"These cables are brutal - Why let your tone mummble when you can make it Scream, Top of the range custom cables at affordable prices! Farmery Custom Cables are the only cables for me, i wouldn't let another cable go near my gear \m/"

Aaron Darling / Romeo Must Die

Chris Lotesto

"Farmery Cables are the real deal, no marketing hype, no BS, just the best sounding, highest quality cables you can buy, period!You owe it to yourself and your tone to start using them immediately!"

Chris Lotesto / Ion Vein

Sam Wallace

"Farmery cables—Solid, reliable, they help to give that brutal L Sol Tace tone we have. I wont use anything else!'"

Sam Wallace / L Sol Tace

Chris Green

"I Love these cables. I've played all over the world with all kinds of bands, if there's one constant thing that comes up as the number 1 problem with Rigs, It's bad cables. Don't be one of those idiots that's crackling around on stage like a High School Metalhead, Get some decent cables. Once I used Farmery cables I knew straight away I wouldn't use anything else. They'll make them exactly how you want them, color, size, type. This is the best musical decision I made all year........"

Chris Green / Furyon / Rubicon Cross

We Brought you the sound of a generation.....The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the same British spirit brings you custom instrument and connection cables that are forged with a caliber of quality those others only dream of offering.

The Farmery Custom Cables.

Not good........Great. Just like Britain!!

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Long Day Fear

We're again very proud to announce that we have a new artist on board here at Farmery Custom Cables.

English Rock Band Long Day Fear!!!!

Welcome onboard guys!!

Aaron Darling

Again we're very proud to bring you another new Farmery Custom Cable artist!

We would like to welcome Aaron Darling from Romeo Must Die to the family

Go to for the lastest information!!

Nigel Glockler

We're very proud to announce that we have a new artist on board.
Nigel Glockler of Saxon who is considered by many to be one of the top hard rock drummers out there!

For the lastest Saxon news go to

Welcome to the Family Nigel!!

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Dowload our custom order form. Click Here

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